Moin moin and hey there. Here is some information about some of my work, other stuff and contact info.

That's me on the picture, trying to look busy. Photo by Julian Raschke, at the first gosucon in dec 2010.

Public profiles:
My GitHub profile - where I do all my open source development
My XING profile
Twitter - sorts of. I don't really use it/tweet that much, I mainly use it as some kind of news feed.

Work: (at least some of it)
Asteroids Clone (C++11 / OpenGL3 Core) (screenshot)
Ambilight (C++/Qt) implemented on a Arduino (video, the control panel, moodlight and an early test)
GTA2 World Viewer (C++/OpenGL), written from scratch. (here are some screenshots)
Fast 2D Shadows (C++/OpenGL) for some Jump & Run (screenshot)

Early 2015 - Mini Blog Series: Android Graphics Pipeline: From Button to Framebuffer (Part 1, Part2)
Early 2014 - Bachelorthesis: Introduction to the Android Graphics Pipeline. A journey to draw a simple Android Application, from Java code to C++ and finally raw OpenGL commands (and beyond). (download)

Active member of the Computer Science Student Council at the HS Karlsruhe.
I am also a member of the CCC e.V. and a founding member of the KoFfeIn e.V.

IRC: mathias_@freenode
Mail: mail[at]